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Though we are mainly a fillet company, if you are interested in a charter we would be happy to set you up with a trip of your preference. The majority of boats that we work with are 6-packs (meaning 6 passenger), but if you would like to book on a bigger boat, we can send you in the right direction.

If you want us to book you a trip, please contact us and we will set one up for you depending on your specific needs. Please let us know the type of trip you are interested in and the date(s). 

Success! Message received.

Trip Types

Different charters offer different fishing trips ,  Prices for each trip type vary. 

Half Day Halibut

Short range fishing trip, usually 4-6 hrs

Full Day Halibut

Long range fishing trip, usually 8 hrs

Halibut Salmon Combo

Full day trip fishing for halibut and salmon

Halibut Lingcod Rockfish Combo

Full day trip fishing for Halibut Ling cod and Rock fish

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