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Most charters who regularly use our services will cover the cost for their clients. Our services include: unloading and hauling your fish up the ramp, hanging your catch for photos and weights, and filleting your catch. If you are on a charter that doesn't typically use Buttwhackers, you can still request to use the service. In some cases the captain may ask that the clients pay the service fees.

Private Boats/Personal boats

For all boats, we ask that you call us 30-45 minute before returning to the harbor. This allows us time prepare. We will meet you at the bottom of ramp 1 in the loading/unloading zone where anyone can tie up their boat (Shown in red below). We will unload the fish, haul them up the ramp, and take them to Buttwhackers (shown in green below). Buttwhackers is located behind the Salty Dawg Saloon (shown in yellow below). We will hang your catch for photos and weights, then fillet them. We have bags for your fillets if you don't want to send them for vacuum packing and freezing.


We love to cut fish! We fillet fish for charters, private boats and subsistence fisheries. Basically we cut a lot of fish.

Vacuum Packing & Freezing

We provide the filleting portion of the processing as well as bags for your fillets if you wish to take them with you. If you plan to have your fish vacuum packed and frozen in Homer, we work with two larger processors that can provide this service: Homer Fish Processing and Coal Point Trading Company. Both companies do an excellent job and charge about the same price per pound. Please contact them for there current rates. 

Homer Fish Processing


Coal Point Trading Co


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